Life+ Programme

Since 1992 Life+ has cofinanced actions in the field of environmental policy in the European Union (EU).

Some 3115 projects have been approved by the programme, contributing approximately
€2 billion to the protection of environment.

Under the third call for proposals (2007-2013), the European Commission approved the financing of Fives Celes' EcoTransFlux™ project in 2010.


Transverse Flux Induction Strip Heating Demonstrator

A technology limiting CO2 emissions & acid wastes in the steel Industry

Demonstrator - outside view

This project aims at demonstrating that the technology of transverse flux induction heating can be applied to new processing lines in cold rolling mills, with reduced emissions of greenhouse effect gasses (GHG) and acid waste, while meeting economic, quality and capacity requirements.

The demonstration will position EcoTransFlux™ inductor as a powerful and innovative technology, mature in terms of industrial risks and capable of offering its full potential benefits for both technical and environmental aspects.

Project start:
Project end:

September 30th, 2010
September 30th, 2012

Fives CELES will be present in AISTECH 2014

Conference and online publication on 5-8 Mai

"Metallurgical analysis of annealed steel strip by transverse flux induction heating (TFIH)"

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